Monday, March 30, 2009

Appropriate Coaching Blog Post

This blog is courtesy of John Kessel and USA Volleyball:

Appropriate Coaching Blog Post

I will make sure that coaches within my network of influence read this at least once.

I think that so many coaches are simply not comprehensive enough in their approach to really develop athletes and volleyball players. There is either a purely technical focus, or a psychological focus, or a "just play hard" focus. Great coaching is great blending of the motor qualities of the sport and the psychological qualities of performance.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

D-I Baby!

So one of my long-term athlete development program clients (within my EVP program this is my ELITE program) just signed a D-I volleyball scholarship. Full ride!

This particular client has trained harder and more consistently then any client I HAVE EVER HAD. I know that the second she finishes a tournament I will get 2 text messages: the first tells me how her and her team did, and the second is asking me WHEN ARE WE GOING TO TRAIN AGAIN? When she text me tonight to tell me that she was signing her scholarship her next text was... WHEN ARE WE GOING TO TRAIN AGAIN? After 6 years of hard work I can honestly say that I'm not surprised by what success she has achieved.

Needless to say I'm very excited.

Also in the works:
Met someone today in a relatively random conversation at a volleyball tournament on development. As it turns out, she works in the biomechanics/motion lab at a local university. She's got force plates, motion analysis software, the works. We quickly progressed our discussion into talk on a project to measure and evaluate performance of collegiate volleyball players I have training with me.

So today was a good day.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Crazy, crazy times...

I am now the Club Director for Bexar County Volleyball Academy and things are very crazy. If it wasn't for the tendo unit I picked up recently I would have nothing to be excited about in my training.

Thought this would be a good time to do a basic overview of technical/performance issues involving olympic lifts and speed/power development.

Often the argument presented is that power version of the lifts initiated from the floor offer more benefit to athletes. Not sure that I agree there.

80K Power Snatch 60K Hang Snatch 70K Hang Snatch
Set 1
1. 1678 W, 2.14 M/S 1. 1411 W, 2.40 M/S 1. 1598 W, 2.33 M/S
2. 1615 W, 2.06 M/S 2. 1411 W, 2.4 0 M/S 2. 1619 W, 2.36 M/S
Set 2
1. 1717 W, 2.19 M/S 1. 1517 W, 2.58 M/S 1. 1633 W, 2.38 M/S
2. 1615, 2.06 M/S 2. 1476 W, 2.51 M/S 2. 1612 W, 2.35 M/S
*Any coincidence that the 1st rep of the 2nd set was my best rep on each exercise? (Vids are linked via youtube)

80K P Sn
1656 W, 2.11 M/S
100% W, 85% M/S

70K H Sn
1616 W, 2.36 M/S
98% W, 96% M/S

60K H Sn
1454 W, 2.47 M/S
88% W, 100% M/S

Obviously the heavier lifts are producing more power, however, the hang versions are producing a high percentage of the same power (98 and 88% respectively) while producing more speed (60K was 12% faster and 70k was 10.5% faster). This comparison was not made to be exact or precise. My primary purpose was to see for myself if a reduced load with reduced ROM lift could produce comparable power/speed. Did it.