Monday, March 2, 2009


Crazy, crazy times...

I am now the Club Director for Bexar County Volleyball Academy and things are very crazy. If it wasn't for the tendo unit I picked up recently I would have nothing to be excited about in my training.

Thought this would be a good time to do a basic overview of technical/performance issues involving olympic lifts and speed/power development.

Often the argument presented is that power version of the lifts initiated from the floor offer more benefit to athletes. Not sure that I agree there.

80K Power Snatch 60K Hang Snatch 70K Hang Snatch
Set 1
1. 1678 W, 2.14 M/S 1. 1411 W, 2.40 M/S 1. 1598 W, 2.33 M/S
2. 1615 W, 2.06 M/S 2. 1411 W, 2.4 0 M/S 2. 1619 W, 2.36 M/S
Set 2
1. 1717 W, 2.19 M/S 1. 1517 W, 2.58 M/S 1. 1633 W, 2.38 M/S
2. 1615, 2.06 M/S 2. 1476 W, 2.51 M/S 2. 1612 W, 2.35 M/S
*Any coincidence that the 1st rep of the 2nd set was my best rep on each exercise? (Vids are linked via youtube)

80K P Sn
1656 W, 2.11 M/S
100% W, 85% M/S

70K H Sn
1616 W, 2.36 M/S
98% W, 96% M/S

60K H Sn
1454 W, 2.47 M/S
88% W, 100% M/S

Obviously the heavier lifts are producing more power, however, the hang versions are producing a high percentage of the same power (98 and 88% respectively) while producing more speed (60K was 12% faster and 70k was 10.5% faster). This comparison was not made to be exact or precise. My primary purpose was to see for myself if a reduced load with reduced ROM lift could produce comparable power/speed. Did it.

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