Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Gu-Ru and the Secret to Superior Huh?

Does anyone really know a guru? I haven't met or seen one and don't know anyone that has so they are definitely taking on the characteristics of other similarly fascinating but unseen creatures such as the unicorn, bigfoot, etc. Did you know that the word guru is taken from Sanskrit, specifically Gu is darkness and Ru is light. So a guru is literally one who guides others to light through darkness, or in other words, a teacher. Thank you wikipedia.

With that said there are many who while not acknowledging themselves as said creature, would have one believe that they have the secret to superior insert superhuman physical ability here and an ego to match. Notice that if we are working from the original definition there is no mention of secrets or superiority, only light and darkness, or knowledge and ignorance. So in the classical sense of the term guru is a term of respect. Today, it speaks to ego and greed.

So here is my best take on that which is guru in the present day meaning of the word:

Snatch Extended Warm-Up:
As an extension of more traditional warm-up means at lower intensities, this extended warm-up variation allows me to focus on several positions important to my own success in continuing my development as a weightlifter. Primarily this warm-up helps me stay over the bar from several different positions with a weight (80K) that still forces me to work through the lift.

Also, moving the bar to the front of the platform forced me to focus on finishing vertically and not cutting my pull short or finishing forward. Some lifters/coaches will use a chalk line drawn horizontally across the platform. I find the risk of losing the lift off the platform to be more devastating. There are chalk advocates worldwide singing my praises as well. Save the chalk!

Core Work Superset:
This is sweeping. It is an excellent core/abdominal exercise and also fundamentally necessary to maintain the condition of the gym. How's that for killing 2 birds with 1 stone? My old weightlifting coach Oleg, from the former Soviet Union, used to say "What you Americans call exercise, in Russia, we call work. Walking home to the farm? Work. Walking on treadmill? Exercise?!" Notice I sweep using both sides of my body to address muscle imbalance/asymmetry.

I don't know why Yankees in Boston feel it is necessary to attack the awesomeness of Bon Jovi when the music was clearly not intended for wusses. We've gotta hold on to what we've got...!

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