Monday, December 8, 2008

Off-Topic (Relationships)

Visited my mom this morning and she has been struggling with some things lately. Have to admit that initially my thoughts were centered on just how busy of a day I had in front of me and how I was getting more and more behind by the minute. I tried to look past that, appointments, meetings, and a court date for a speeding ticket be damned, and think about just how important she is to me. How important everyone in my life is to me.

I talked to her and really just tried to listen more and give feedback when appropriate. The main thing that came out of our conversation is that her problems are everyone's problems, and that while the solutions to said problems take time often it is just having the opportunity to speak out that makes our problems seem less overwhelming and insurmountable.

I even shared a funny story with her about a job I had in my late teens:

I was working as a waiter and one day a manager saw a napkin and a bit of trash centered in an aisle of the restaurant. I was told later that at least 4 employees had walked past the trash ignoring it either just to ignore it or to focus on their task at hand. As I walked past it (really my walk is often less of a walk and more of a half jogging, beaming bounce) I picked it up and took it to the wait station to throw everything away. That earned me a free lunch!

I told my mom that despite our daily tasks/objectives we should stay focused on living life and clean up the trash when necessary so we can move forward and continue to enjoy things. Clean up the trash and put it behind you so you can get back to that bounce.

After talking with my mom I realized that my court date is not until tomorrow, a day in which I have much more time available. Use the time that you have and by all means do not keep it all to yourself. Getting everything done on time, including the court date, would have been much less satisfying that some quality time with my mama. Love you mom!

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